Welcome to the blog of a nervous traveler – me. Let’s face it – there’s so much that can go wrong when travelling that it’s waaayyy better to stay at home in my armchair watching documentaries about other countries through the medium of television. Life, however, seems to have other plans for me. There are those who love to travel and write about it at length. I don’t like travelling, but I do try to see the humorous side of life and have shared my thoughts for your entertainment and also as a memoir.


When I was a little boy (and I was once), I hated change, but as the years have gone by, my life seems to have forced change upon me in a big way like some big Universal joke. I’m not splitting my sides laughing, but do try to see the funny side of every situation. I get to travel because, as an IT consultant, I must go where the work is. This has led me from South Africa, where I was born and raised, to the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Denmark. On the way I’ve passed through most European airports and countries. My quest for love has taken me (horror of horrors) to Asia, specifically Taiwan and the Philippines. Growing up in South Africa cemented my wary demeanor such that I have developed a keen sense for danger. Asia in general seems to be a no-go area for danger, trouble and mischief. I feel the same way about South America and Africa in general.

So here are the brainstorms, dreamscapes and nightmares that I feel moved to document while I travel (reluctantly) around the world. My mother always warned me not to unleash my sense of humor on people until they get to know me, but I never learn. I hope you enjoy the blog  posts and that I can make you laugh, or at least smile, during your own journey through life.


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